Lean Six Sigma QuickStart Guide

This book is a Lean Six Sigma Quickstart guide and is perfect for anyone who is new to Lean Six Sigma. The purpose of this book is quite clear. It aims to use Lean Six Sigma to manage visible improvements within an organization and the simple writing ensures that you don’t get lost in the complexity of the subject. Lean Six Sigma is about exceeding customer expectations and getting the most out of the team’s efforts to achieve maximum efficiency.


About this Book

The Lean Six Sigma QuickStart Guide is the perfect first step in your Lean Six Sigma journey. Written in plain language that leaves the jargon behind, this easy-to-use guide lends itself well to successful self-paced learning. Those new to the Lean Six Sigma program will appreciate the learning-first approach, and industry veterans will value this guide as an easy reference resource.

Each of the foundational concepts that make up Lean, Six Sigma, and the hybrid Lean Six Sigma are broken down into bite-sized chunks and supplemented with graphs, charts, and other visual tools to ensure the highest, fastest levels of comprehension and retention.

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Lean Six Sigma QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner's Guide to Lean Six Sigma






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