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Lean Six Sigma is a management method that has its origins in production, but in recent decades it has also been applied in many sectors and branches outside of industry.

Lean and Six Sigma are in great popularity on the job market and there are many books and training providers on this topic.

This blog should give you a first overview of the method and show you what to look for when choosing books and providers.





Best Book Reviews

In the following some books are presented, which can be bought at various eCommerce platforms and have received the best ratings there - at an excellent price-performance ratio. Based on the product descriptions, reviews and our own impressions, an evaluation of these books will be made in order to offer the potential buyer a comprehensive overview of these books and their quality.

Six Sigma: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

This book is an introductory book for people who are not familiar with Lean Six Sigma. The book is divided into two parts: Fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma and Implementation of Lean Six Sigma. The foundation section covers the four keys to Lean Six Sigma and the five laws of Lean Six Sigma. The implementation section covers the first steps, introduces the reader to the …

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The Lean Product Playbook

This book is one of the most useful guides when it comes to applying Lean Product concepts to real life situations. It takes you step by step through a strategy that helps you build better, more innovative products. As you read, the book provides key examples and compelling stories to illuminate each step in detail. This book offers a combined discussion of the lean product …

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Lean Six Sigma QuickStart Guide

This book is a Lean Six Sigma Quickstart guide and is perfect for anyone who is new to Lean Six Sigma. The purpose of this book is quite clear. It aims to use Lean Six Sigma to manage visible improvements within an organization and the simple writing ensures that you don’t get lost in the complexity of the subject. Lean Six Sigma is about exceeding …

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Toyota Way

Toyota Way is an outstanding publication. As Jefrey Liker describes in the book, cultural change through the involvement of all people (from top management to the employees on the ground) is a key factor in transforming an organization into a lean organization. For someone who is not in industry, the book is particularly informative. A number of application areas can also be derived for the …

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Creating a Lean Culture

For the realization of Lean measures, it is necessary to create an awareness of the Lean culture among the employees. This book offers a great amount of information on lean implementation. The book clearly describes what a lean culture is and how it can be achieved in the company. The book is simple and easy to read and illustrates the implementation of Lean measures with …

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Interesting Articles

Lean Six Sigma is a very complex topic, which covers various areas. In the following, the most important of these topics are presented and a first impression of the topic itself is given.

  • Six Sigma in IT Development
    This article will describe how agile software development and SS can be adapted together. Agile Development – Suitable for Six Sigma? Agile methods have dominated the field of software development over the last decade, and they have proven successful for managing and executing software development projects. Agile teams usually focus on fast […]
  • Six Sigma in Sales and Marketing
    Six Sigma provides a common language and methodology for exploiting business opportunities and solving business problems. It also provides a roadmap that shows problem solvers where to start and what to do next. For a long time, it was widely believed that SS could only be fruitfully applied in manufacturing, while areas such as sales and […]
  • What is Six Sigma?
    Six Sigma is a quality management method that originally comes from Japan. The precursor of Six Sigma was first used in 1970 in Japanese shipbuilding. The actual development of Six Sigma as a method was done by Motorola in the USA in the mid-1980s. However, SIX SIGMA owes much of its popularity to its implementation at General Electric by Jack […]
  • What is Lean?
    LEAN Management is the name given to a management system that emerged from the Toyota Production System (TPS) with the aim of reducing production costs, shortening throughput times and avoiding waste along the entire process chain. With LEAN it is possible to achieve a sustainable improvement of the value stream. Weak points are systematically […]
  • The Fishbone Diagram
    What is the Fishbone Diagram? The fishbone diagram was developed in the 1940s by the Japanese Kaoru Ishikawa, who is considered the pioneer of quality management in Japan. The method is one of the seven basic quality tools (Q7). The Ishikawa or Fishbone diagram is used to visualize a problem solving process. It is primarily used to search for the […]
  • Wer Zahlt Siphon Einbau - Mieter oder VermieterSixth Dimension Learning
    Sixth Dimension Learning is a Canadian provider and offers online and classroom courses at relatively low cost. For a Six Sigma certification, however, a Green Belt is required. The advantage of SDL is that, in addition to Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma courses and certifications, they also offer project management methods such as Scrum or PRINCE2 […]
  • What is Lean Six Sigma?
    Lean Six Sigma can generally be described as a combination of the Lean and Six Sigma methods. While the Lean method aims to reduce the lead time of a value chain, Lean Six Sigma focuses on reducing deviations and improving quality. Both methods therefore have their own focal points and together result in a comprehensive quality management and […]

Best Courses

There is an uncountable number of online courses on the subject of Lean Six Sigma which the potential customer can take, and often the prices for these courses are very high. In the following, the best of these courses are presented to you, with a special focus on the price-performance ratio.


In this course you will learn the fundamentals of Lean from a tactical perspective. The Lean Qualification differs in Lean Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.The advantage of SME is that in 8 online courses you get all the tools and methods you need to obtain the Bronze certificate and a first qualification as a Lean Expert. The duration of the courses is completely based on …